Minnesota Broadband Stories

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Economic Development Stories

  1. Topics: New Ulm retailers increase business after attending a Get Broadband training session
    Result: In the 2 years before we met you, we never sold more than $500 in windows off of the site, the last 6 months we have not been under $10,000!!!(monthly sales)
  2. Topic: Olmsted County employs about 140 telecommuters
    Result: The County finds that often telecommuters are more productive than their in-office counterparts. They have fewer sick days and far less turnover.
  3. Topic: Yo Gabba Gabba
    Result: Minneapolis animators get found with web-based episodes of the (now popular) show
  4. Topic: TicketPrinting.com
    Result: Business relocates to Harlowtown MT because they have broadband.
  5. Topic: Auto body in Cohasset
    Result: Company saves time, postage and better communicates by transmitting photos to insurance companies, online training, accessing manufacturing info and working remotely with color specialists.
  6. Topic: Economic growth through business web sites in Kadiyohi
    Result: The County extends Get Broadband project by offering web marketing classes to businesses and $500 matching fund grants for web site development


  1. Topic: Wadena Hospital install fiber to satellite clinic
    Result: Becomes regional leader
  2. Topic: Lakewood Telemedicine
    Result: Telemonitoring patients regain control of their lives as they visit healthcare providers in person only when needed and are otherwise monitored remotely.
  3. Topic: Home and Community Options (Winona)
    Result: Patients in residential care are monitored remotely meaning cost savings for healthcare providers.
  4. Topic: Chisago couple need broadband
    Result: A couple in Chicago gets broadband with help from Blandin and each can improve education and employment options, despite injuries due to an accident.


  1. Topic: Student learns and helps brother
    Result: Student in Sleepy Eye takes classes remotely and is able to help her brother with Muscular Dystrophy to stay in school.
  2. Topic: IP VCR in LCTN
    Result: LCTN provide telecommunications services to k12 in Central Minnesota. IP VCR allows them to offer a wider range of classes and special events


  1. Topic: Red Wing promotes the city and posts news on YouTube.
    Result: In 8 months, they had 21 videos online and had been viewed 2665 times.
  2. Topic: City has broadband but needs IT support
    Result: Moose Lake has been able to build broadband and expand it to surrounding areas but keeping IT staff has been a continued problem.
  3. Topic: Western Video Online Contest
    Result: Western Minnesota holds remote video contest where contest hopefuls can post submission to YouTube.


  1. Topic: Family using Web 2.0 to connect with family in army
    Result: Grandma in Hoffman MN keeps in touch with grandson
  2. Topic: More Grandparents via video
    Result: A Grandparent in Two Harbors keeps in touch with grandkids in other states via Skype.

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